5 reasons to attend OpenText World Europe 2024

AI changes everything—every role, every organization, and every industry. Those who make the most of it will be poised to lead their industries. Are you ready to put this game-changing technology to work for you? Join us at OpenText™ World Europe 2024 to learn how you can reimagine work with AI.

OpenText World Europe is coming!

Our complimentary event will be held in three locations: London (Queen Elizabeth II Centre, April 15), Munich (MOC—Event Center Messe München, April 16 & 17), and Paris (Maison de la Chimie, April 18). At each event you’ll hear about opentext.ai, our blueprint for how work can be reimagined by applying AI to daily workflows, and OpenText Aviator, our family of generative AI capabilities that leverage large language models (LLMs) and private data sets to solve specific use cases. You’ll also learn about how information management helps power and protect your information, a pre-requisite for getting the most out of AI.

Here are just a few additional reasons to join us in-person for a jam-packed event in one of these beautiful cities.

#5 Network with peers

Discuss trends, challenges, and solutions with like-minded professionals during the day at networking lunches and breaks, and continue the conversation through the evening at our exclusive receptions:

London—Fasten your seatbelts, you’re off to Rio. After an inspiring day discovering how OpenText™ Aviator can fly you to new heights of human potential, the QEII Centre transforms into a very different atmosphere thanks to the the sights, sounds, and sensations of the Rio Carnival.

Your evening takes off with a drinks reception, followed by an immersive mix of dynamic projection and live performances by professional samba, lambada, and carnival dancers in magnificent feather costumes, as well as capoeira masters, LED artists, and drummers. It will be a night to remember.  

Munich—As the sun sets, the BMW Welt venue will welcome OpenText World Europe attendees to an exclusive area reserved just for you. Prepare to be immersed in a world where the prestigious BMW brand and its distinguished family, including MINI and Rolls Royce, come to life in an unparalleled setting. This is your chance to experience theselegendary automobiles up close, in an environment that blends history with the cutting edge of today’s technology.

But it’s not just about the cars. This evening is a celebration of excellence and connection. Indulge in exquisite cuisine, network with like-minded professionals, and enjoy entertainment that promises to captivate. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this extraordinary night and get swept away by the magic of one of Munich’s most sensational venues.

Paris—Experience the extraordinary! Join us at our evening event on-site at the Maison de la Chimie where you’ll have the exclusive opportunity to witness the captivating performance of Moulla live. Immerse yourself in an evening of inspiration and entertainment, followed by a delightful reception featuring a curated selection of gourmet food and drinks. This is not just an event, it’s an experience where you can connect with like-minded individuals, network, and create lasting memories. 

#4 Meet up with local experts

Talk to OpenText specialists who understand the unique struggles you face every day in your region, industry, or role. Learn best practices, hear about the latest use cases, and see live demos of solutions that will help you work smarter. You’ll also have the chance to take advantage of hands-on labs, educational sessions, one-on-one meetings, a bustling expo floor including OpenText partners, and fantastic networking opportunities.

#3 Listen to inspiring speakers

There are key moments in history when technology advancements are so significant that industries, societies, and cultures are radically advanced. AI is one of those moments that is revolutionizing the business world, much like the internet, mobile, social, and digital. We are entering a fantastic age of innovation and opportunity in which AI plays the role of force multiplier for human potential. In his keynote presentation, OpenText CEO & CTO Mark J. Barrenechea will discuss how technology can enable global organizations to build for growth, experience, sustainability, trust, and efficiency.

For years, cloud has been the preferred delivery method for digital transformation, automation, and improved decision making. Now, information management in the cloud has become a prerequisite of AI. In his keynote, OpenText CPO Muhi Majzoub will dive into OpenText’s cloud roadmap to showcase how security, trust, and governance is at the center of serving our customers with our deeply integrated solutions.

#2 Be in the know

What’s new and what’s next for the extensive OpenText product portfolio? Find out at this event. Keynote presentations, showcases, turbo talks, sessions, and more will fill you in on the innovations included in our CE 24.2 launches and outline our product roadmaps. Learn about our latest OpenText Aviator capabilities, get live demos of products that interest you, and discover new ways our solutions can help you overcome challenges and reach your business goals.  

#1 Expand your AI horizons

Get the latest information about how AI can help your organization reimagine work. See live demos of OpenText Aviator in action and hear about our opentext.ai strategy and roadmap for AI innovation. And learn how information management builds a strong foundation so you can take flight with AI.

As AI becomes mainstream, security is more important than ever. Organizations must prepare their data for AI with a trusted information management foundation so that it is accurate, reliable, and well-managed. And they must hone their cybersecurity skills, including threat intelligence and risk management. At OpenText World Europe, you will have the chance to learn how your organization can best reap the benefits of AI while avoiding its risks.

Whether you’re just learning about AI or starting to implement, OpenText World Europe 2024 is where you can get all the support you need for your AI journey. We look forward to seeing you there!

OpenText World Europe 2024

Join us in April to explore the future of AI and learn how it can transform your business.

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