CrowdStrike Sponsors Mac Admins Foundation

CrowdStrike is proud to announce its official sponsorship of the Mac Admins Community through its not-for-profit arm, the Mac Admins Foundation. CrowdStrike joins a distinguished list of sponsors at the highest level.

The Mac Admins Foundation serves as a vibrant hub of collaboration, information sharing and professional growth for the Mac Admins Community. Founded in 2015 and with more than 40,000 members, the Mac Admins Foundation provides a “global online community of IT professionals who specialize in Apple hardware and software.” The community is an amazing network of peers committed to helping each other learn and grow when it comes to all things related to macOS devices.

This focus on community aligns perfectly with the CrowdStrike ethos. CrowdStrike is built on the power of the crowd. Our community consists of tens of thousands of customers, partners and  security practitioners around the world dedicated to defeating adversaries, defending our estates and stopping breaches. 

Also aligned with the CrowdStrike ethos is the focus on innovation. Members of the Mac Admins Community are constantly creating — new ideas, businesses and applications — on their machines. CrowdStrike is also relentlessly working to strengthen organizations’ defenses against evolving cyberattacks without getting in the way of great work. We are proud to know today’s innovators are turning to CrowdStrike to secure their best, most critical work. 

We’re excited to join these two powerful communities to learn from and support each other on our shared missions. 

CrowdStrike: Dedicated to Protecting macOS Devices and Stopping Breaches

MacOS has become a frequent target of cyberattacks as it has increased in popularity for business and enterprise applications. While the macOS provides strong security features, adversaries continue to develop malware specifically targeting macOS, including ransomware, backdoors and trojans.

CrowdStrike is dedicated to protecting the macOS community and devices through research and technology. CrowdStrike researchers continue to track a growing number of attacks targeting macOS devices. The CrowdStrike Falcon® platform delivers industry-leading protection against a broad spectrum of attacks targeting macOS — from commodity and zero-day malware, ransomware and exploits to advanced malware-free and fileless attacks. 

CrowdStrike continually participates in third-party testing to demonstrate the efficacy of the Falcon platform in protecting against macOS threats. In , CrowdStrike Falcon® Pro for Mac won the AV-Comparatives Approved Mac Security Product award for the sixth consecutive year.  During testing, Falcon Pro for Mac achieved 100% protection against Mac malware, with zero false positives and with no observable performance reduction on the Macs used for testing.

During the testing, AV-Comparatives collected 309 Mac malware samples that were representative of what the organization detected being used in the wild during the first half of . Testers inserted USB flash drives containing these malware samples into the Macs, providing the first opportunity for security products to detect and protect against the malware. Any samples that were not detected were then copied to the Mac’s system disk and executed. If a security solution did not detect and neutralize by this stage, it was considered a miss.

Of the 309 Mac malware samples employed during testing, Falcon Pro for Mac had zero misses, providing 100% detection and 100% protection. There were zero false positives recorded. The Mac computers used in testing showed no observable performance reduction thanks to the lightweight Falcon sensor. 

Deepening Our Connection to the Mac Community 

As a global leader in cybersecurity, our commitment to the Mac community starts by delivering the device protection required to keep businesses running on macOS devices. And through the sponsorship of the Mac Admins Community, we’re extending our support to the amazing Mac Admins and the people behind the devices.

We believe that open and technical communities like Mac Admins drive the collaboration needed to build and scale the core technologies that power the software and devices that millions of people love and that countless businesses run on. We’re thankful for the hard work of the Mac Admins Community and proud to be a sponsor. 

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