Is your information AI ready?

The promise of AI is intoxicating, with opportunities to transform productivity throughout the enterprise. For many companies, it feels like a race, pushing to tap into all AI has to offer as quickly as possible.

But it’s important to remember the saying, “Don’t run before you can walk,” as it, in fact, pays to move a bit more methodically.

When it comes to generative AI, information management and content services are critical foundational elements that help organizations turn content into a strategic and competitive advantage—acting as a springboard to reimagine work and supercharge innovation.

At this year’s AIIM Conference in San Antonio, TX, we have four different learning opportunities to help you assess your organization’s AI readiness and see what’s new with content services to help you boost AI accuracy, data security, and operational experiences.

We can’t wait to see you there!

Opportunity #1: AIIM Solution Keynote—Great AI Needs Great Information Management!

April 4; 10:00-10:30am CDT in Keynote Theatre

As organizations navigate the future of work, efficiency is sometimes hindered by “digital friction,” the challenge people face in using technology for daily tasks. In this session, I’ll explore how generative AI holds the potential to redefine modern work—if organizations find the sweet spot between innovation and safeguarding information.

Discover why robust information management programs, based on sound governance principles, are vital to get the most out of GenAI investments.

Opportunity #2: AIIM Demonstration Session—Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Making the AI Pivot

April 4; 10:00-10:30am CDT

Demand is high for automation and efficiency, with McKinsey calling generative AI “the next productivity frontier.” AI is not just another technology or business case but will shape what it means to be a company and how organizations address modern work challenges. 

And the most exciting part, most organizations have just scratched the surface of what is possible!

This immersive session co-presented by myself and Tracy Caughell, OpenText Sr. Director Product Management, combines demos with practical advice, will help you propel your content services programs, using AI-powered automation to ensure the security, relevancy, and accuracy of your organization’s data.

Opportunity #3: See OpenText Content Cloud in Action

OpenText booth in AIIM Solution Lounge

This is your opportunity to discover what’s new with OpenText™ Content Cloud, our suite of end-to-end content management solutions. Stop by the OpenText booth to catch demos with OpenText product experts and see how to:

  • Power intelligent search and insights: OpenText™ Content Aviator, an AI-powered intelligent assistant, puts chat-based conversational search, content discovery, summarization, and translation right at employees’ fingertips.
  • Extend Microsoft 365 capabilities: OpenText™ Extended ECM meets employees where they work, integrating with Microsoft to bridge content silos and connect content to process.
  • Elevate content management: OpenText™ Core, an agile cloud solution, integrates with key business applications to boost productivity and accelerate business processes.

But wait, there’s more!

Maybe you’re chomping at the bit to fine-tune your AI and information management strategy and don’t want to wait until we’re together at AIIM24 to get started. We’re with you!

Join us for a free pre-conference Webinar with AIIM and OpenText on Wednesday, March 20, 2024 from 2:00-2:45pm EST: Deploy GenAI with Confidence: Master Governance to Unleash AI’s Potential.

This session will uncover why smart information governance practices are essential for confident GenAI deployment and how to mitigate risk, while making information retrieval faster and more intuitive. Register today.

Ready to be off and running with GenAI to get most of your organization’s information? If you haven’t already, secure your spot at AIIM24. It’s an action-packed event you don’t want to miss.

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