Tackle ChromeOS Blind Spots with Dell and CrowdStrike

According to a article, 12.7% of U.S. workers work remotely and 28.2% have adopted a hybrid work schedule. As device and usage trends continue to shift, organizations must find ways to secure remote endpoints that could grant adversaries access if left vulnerable. 

Adversaries are moving faster than ever  and enterprise security must detect and respond to attacks at lightning speed. To stay ahead of today’s attackers, it’s critical to gain complete visibility across all of your devices, regardless of their operating system or location. As a growing number of organizations rely on ChromeOS devices to run their businesses, we are working to help them ensure full security coverage and strengthen their security posture against modern threats .

With Dell and CrowdStrike, your team is empowered to work securely using AI-native cybersecurity to bridge security gaps and gain comprehensive visibility into ChromeOS devices on a network. To deliver this, Dell now offers CrowdStrike Falcon® Insight for ChromeOS within the Dell SafeGuard and Response portfolio, helping to reduce the attack surface of your devices and boost cyber resiliency. Organizations can now benefit from CrowdStrike Falcon® Insight XDR’s industry-leading detection and response capabilities to stop adversaries across ChromeOS, Linux, macOS and Windows devices from a single unified console for broad cross-platform coverage.

By activating Falcon Insight for ChromeOS with Dell, you can:

  • Eliminate visibility gaps and accelerate threat detection with one unified view of native ChromeOS event telemetry, ingested directly from Google, alongside your additional endpoint data across Windows, Linux and macOS.
  • Accelerate incident triage and response with automated workflows and notifications based on contextual insights and detections with the built-in CrowdStrike Falcon® Fusion integrated security orchestration automation and response (SOAR).
  • Be up and running in minutes, with no new agents and no device impact, using the flexible and scalable Falcon platform — seamlessly provided by Dell SafeGuard and Response.

CrowdStrike and Dell partner to help you simplify and consolidate your security stack while addressing new threat vectors across your fleet. As modern workplace demands continue to evolve, so will your security needs associated with hybrid work and remote access. By seamlessly delivering the industry-leading, AI-native CrowdStrike Falcon XDR platform with simplified procurement, we provide superior protection and speed, and immediate time-to-value. To learn more about how you can get comprehensive visibility of your fleet across all operating systems, reach out to Dell and CrowdStrike specialists.

Want to learn more? Join our webinar on Feb 29, 2024, for a deep dive on Dell Technologies: CrowdStrike Falcon Insight for ChromeOS.

See CrowdStrike Falcon Insight XDR in action in this short demo.

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