Take the stress out of planning your training schedule

We’ve seen countless headlines over the past few years about the skills gap and the talent shortage. According to , “from increased job satisfaction and loyalty to better retention rates—and ultimately better employees—continued learning benefits everyone involved.”

Learning new skills or improving existing skills drives many positive outcomes in our professional lives. It increases our confidence, boosts our value as employees, enables us to become more proficient at our jobs and ultimately, can lead to promotion or other types of recognition.

OpenText™ Learning Services is here to help you increase your skills, raise your profile at work and take the stress out of planning your training schedule with guaranteed to run classes. We know that cancelled training is disruptive to you and your project schedules, so our guaranteed to run courses will not be cancelled regardless of registration volume.

Here’s the scenario. You’ve been approved to take some training. You know you want training delivered by a subject matter expert within a certain time period. Finding a course that is guaranteed to run allows you to schedule your training with 100% confidence in acquiring the skills you want, when you want them, with an expert instructor.

We’ve made it easy to identify these classes in our online course calendar. Simply select the product suite that reflects your training needs, the time period in which you want to attend the class, your geographic region, and then check the ‘guaranteed to run’ checkbox. Your search results will only include the guaranteed to run options.

Use the Course Calendar to find ‘guaranteed to run’ classes

If you’re looking for guaranteed to run classes that cover the legacy Micro Focus portfolio of products, please reach out to your regional training office and they will be happy to review the options available.

Americas:           AMStraining@opentext.com
EMEA:                 EMEAtraining@opentext.com
APAC:                 APACtraining@opentext.com

The OpenText Learning Services team is dedicated to delivering world class training, helping you realize value from your solutions because you have the skills you need to be successful.

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