The State of IT Sustainability Report: OpenText’s global survey

In a world where environmental responsibility is no longer a mere buzzword, organizations are increasingly integrating carbon reduction initiatives into their operations.

To shed light on the current landscape of IT sustainability, OpenText commissioned Dimensional Research to conduct a sustainability survey of 300+ IT leaders and practitioners in companies across the globe.

We learned that 97% of companies have implemented sustainability initiatives (74%) or plan to do so (23%). IT is at the forefront of sustainability efforts, leading the pack among all departments, but companies are still in the early stages of IT sustainability adoption. IT’s main challenges are a lack of proper tools and expertise. While IT departments have a long way to go in reaching their goals, 41% strive to become net carbon neutral.

The State of IT Sustainability Report from OpenText reveals IT’s sustainability adoption rates, motivations to adopt, levels of maturity, obstacles faced, next steps, and regional comparisons.

The full report can be accessed here.

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